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Five Financial Actions for the New Year

The New Year is often a time for reflection, resolutions, and resets. New commitments to our diet and exercise routine, as well as getting or keeping our financial house in order are among the most common. It’s not unusual that by the end of January, however, that many of our New Year’s intentions have given way to the hustle and bustle of our normal lives.

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An annuity is a contract where an insurance company agrees to pay the holder of the annuity either a lump sum, or a regular series of payments over time. The two broad types of annuities are Immediate and Deferred.

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Changes are Coming to the FAFSA

It is back-to-school time for everyone, and if you have a teenager, it means worrying about them driving to school, staying on the honor roll, and figuring out how they will find the time to get all their homework done. If you have a junior or senior in high school, you are also probably worried about financial aid for college.

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